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Chocolate Crunchy Cookies

Ok, so I haven't found the right name for this cookies, because it's kinda mixed of a couple recipes I found on the internet.. It started when I found a brownie cookies recipes on the internet, so I thought with all the left over ingredients I bought on last holiday, I'll manage to bake one.. but then, my mom's friend gave a box of chocolate cookies that my sister love to death (she always love cookies.. :p), so I thought maybe I could make the similar one for my sister, but then my brother begging me to bake a cornflake cookies (which I never made before, but he loves it).. so I decided to take a little bit of everything and make it my own creation, so here we goes... It's easy, brownie, and it's crunchy... :D
Btw, sorry I  didn't get the chance to take a detailed pic :(

Chocolate Crunchy Cookies

Nine WORDS Women Use

This is some e-mail I got from my friend.. It funny, but also very true, so guys if u want to know woman better, these are some tips for you.. :p

Nine WORDS Women Use

(1) Fine:
 This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

(2) Five Minutes:
If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

Tuna Sandwich

Today I went to the gym to join the body combat class... and I was planning to have some training after the class... unluckily I met some mean personal trainer... :'( Noted that I haven't eat my lunch.. so after the training, I'm soooo starving, I think I could eat a cow... :p Knowing that I'll be home alone tonight, I went to the grocery store and bought some tuna can and lettuce (I'm thinking to make a sandwich). I still have my baguette (it was intended to make bruschetta or another garlic bread, but I'm starving, so why not?? :p ) So, there I go made myself a messy tuna sandwich, I was greedy so I put everything that makes the baguette didn't fit... It doesn't look good, but it taste good (my judgement probably blurry due to the chronic starvation :p) I forgot, I also had apple yogurt :D
So, Messy Tuna Sandwich and Apple Yogurt (Total Calories 477Cal)

Baking Time!!!

so today is my 2nd day off, and i decided to bake some cookies i got the recipe from here
they called spread.. and it's soooo easy :D

Home alone

It's a long holiday, so i decided to write a blog.. Today my brother and I are home alone.. and I made some delicious cheese garlic bread...
it's an easy but delicious food.. it only took about 10-20 minutes... and it's gone in second.. lol.. :p
Garlic (chopped), unsalted butter, baguette, oregano, and cheese :D

How to:
Mix the chopped garlic, butter and oregano.. spread it on the top of baguette, and shred the cheese on top of all that.. and then toast it until it looks like this (slightly brown, and crispy).. dont let it turn black... :p