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Au Pair Journey - Interview (Supposed to be one)

So, she finally texted me and said that I have interview this Sunday, but it turns out the family bailed on me and didn't give any notification before the cancelled the interview, so here I was sitting and waiting for nothing. Well, I don't really like this family profile anyway, maybe they found a better one for them, who cares. I'm still waiting for the perfect host family for me :D

Au Pair Journey - Document Submission

So, I finally submit all the requirement, I started with Documents that has to be prepared, like SKCK, Translation, and MedCheck. It's pretty costly. Here's the cost breakdown to prepare the document

SKCK                                                30.000 (it's actually free, but they asked for "administration fee") Translate Document (Ijazah & SKCK) 200.000 include shipping fee, since I'll need the hardcopyMedCheck                                           700.000 (I went to Medistra Hospital and ask for Chest Ray, HIV & Hepatitis A&B test)Medical Reference                                330.000 (Prof. Suwandhi Widjaja @Medistra Hospital)
the agent BBMed me and said that I have interview on Monday Sept 12, afternoon, but I don't think I can manage that since I'm still working, and I asked her to reschedule. and now I'm waiting for the update *Nerve Breaking*

Au Pair Journal Aug 6th

So, I made up my mind and decided to be an Au Pair in Netherlands for a year. Knowing that I've googled information about it and never saw any post or blog wrote by the Au Pair itself, I decided to write this in my blog, so everyone who wants to be Au Pair knows where to go..
I contacted the agency from Smiling Faces Au Pair and she's a nice girl, she help me through out the process..
So, I finally signed the contract, it's pretty nerve breaking, but I managed to stay calm, this will affect my future.. hahahaha
after I signed the contract she gave me a long list of procedure to complete, 3 reference, SKCK, translated School Diploma Certificate, and Birth Certificate
and it's only the beginning, the list will grow longer soon..
wish me luck!!! :)

Phuket Trip - Day 1

So I finally took days off and had a trip to Phuket Thailand. My flight got rescheduled to 4PM, I left house on 12pm, in case there's a traffic jam, yup and there was a superbad traffic jam, I was stuck about 2 hours in traffic jam. I went to the airport using the airport bus (Damri) it was a comfortable ride, and cheap as well only Rp20.000,-

my trip to tidung island

I finally took some days off from work and went to tidung island for 3 days..
here's some pic I took, enjoy :D