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Living in Europe - Survival Guide (Part 2)

So you made it, you finally here in Netherlands, the land of your dream, lots of things are waiting for you, you will probably feel lost and don't know what to do. Don't be afraid, I'll help you through it. Now I'd like to share what to do and what to have once you're here:
Sim Card: There are two types of sim card provider here, the cheap one and the full featured one. What I mean with the cheap one is like Lebara, LycaMobile, etc. They will give you cheap price to call and text, and even free call up to 30 minutes to the same provider (Like lebara to lebara, etc). It's usually cheaper to call home with that provider. The Full-Featured (High-Tech) is for you that has smart phone. There are lots of provider, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Hi, etc. You just have to pay a fixed amount of money every month for the internet subscription. Personally I use 2 simcard, Lebara and Vodafone. It's typical Indonesian to have 2 cellphone, one is for calling, and one for Internet. I…

Living in Europe - Survival Guide (Part 1)

In this post I'll share information about what to do, what to bring, and what to have when you decided to become an Au Pair, or maybe when you decided to move to Netherlands for Travel, doesn't matter how you come here, I'm here to help you enjoy the most of it:

What to bring:
Credit Card(s): Why? Well, you will need credit card to book plane ticket, hotel, etc. Make sure you have enough money on your bank account to pay your credit card. I use internet banking facility to pay my credit card bill. But if you don't have credit card, it should be fine, you can ask the hostfamily or maybe your friends to help you book the ticket. But for me it means less freedom, and sometimes they are too busy, and you'll miss the opportunity to get the cheap-promo ticket. It's your call :)Minimum amount of clothes: Why? Clothes here are cheaper than in your home country (at least for me, since I come from Indonesia), and you can get nice clothes and maybe branded stuff for less pr…

Being an Au Pair

It's been a while since the last time I post anything on this blog. So long story short, I finally made it.. Here I am in Netherlands, I arrived on February 4th. It was the coldest day on winter, they even said that the airport was closed a day before I came because there was too much snow. First day I came here Storm (Soon to be my little prince) greet me with his smile. That day I know, and I promised myself that I'm gonna have fun here and I'm gonna enjoy the most of it.

So, some of you probably question why I want to go all the way to Europe just to be a babysitter. Well, for me it's more like the cheapest way to travel Europe, with a minimum cost I can stay in Netherlands for 1 year, and travel on my free time, which turns out that the family give me lots of it. I'm lucky I have 3 days of a week Friday - Sunday, so I can travel around Netherlands, or maybe go somewhere close.