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Rainy Paris in November

So a few months after I went to Paris Disneyland, my best friend Aya invited me to come to see her in Paris. It was the beginning of winter, the weather is cold and wet, it's raining most of the time. I managed to get a bus ticket from EuroLines for quite reasonable price 43euro round trip. The bus leaves from Breda at midnight, but the bus came late (around an hour late) so I was a bit worry whether the bus really is going to come, or did I miss it, and all bad thoughts start coming. So there I was standing in front of Breda train station in the coldness of November waiting for the bus. The bus came around 1ish, and I immediately jump in to the bus, find a seat, try to get myself comfortable and ready to sleep. It took around 6 hours from Breda to Paris, they make a stop in Brussels and Antwerpen I guess, but I was too sleepy to even realize.

Day 1 - Paris I'm Tired
Tired from the bus ride, I walk myself to the Metro, and take the Metro to Aya's apartment. Single trip ticke…

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland, where every kids dream become reality (and mine too) and where you can meet your favorite Disney characters or the princess. Since I live in NL, I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to visit one of Disneyland Park in Paris. I found a very good deal from MilotReizen, for 67.50euro (I was 25 back then) you get a retour bus ride and entrance to one of Disney Park of your choice (Theme Park or The Studio), and of course I chose the Theme Park.
The bus left on friday around midnight from Dordrecht (It has several stop like in Rotterdam and DenHaag). We took the last train to Dordrecht, and yeah of course as an AuPair with limited budget we prepared some food before we left, so we have full meal, from breakfast until dinner for the next day, so we won't be starving. It took about 6-7 hours bus ride, we arrived around 8ish in Paris, and we have to wait until the park is open, but meanwhile you can freshened up yourself in the toilet, because the bus will park close to t…

Camping in Netherlands

Well, one of the most random thing I've ever done in Netherlands is going "Camping", yes camping.. sleeping in a tent for 2 nights, and just relaxing and enjoying the nature, it was a nice option to do. So, I met this guy on internet (crazy I know), and he seems a pretty expert "Camping Guy", so I decided to go camping for a weekend. We picked Landgoed de Hoevens, it's a camp-site just in a border of Belgium, so you can actually walk there. Camping here is quite different than in Indonesia where you can just go to a mountain (for example Gunung Putri), hike, and put your tent randomly. In NL you can only set your tent in a designated area, and you have to pay certain amount of money per tent or per person. It depends on which campsite you're at.
In return of that money you paid, you got a pretty decent facility, like wifi, clean toilet and bathroom, so you can actually take a decent shower, instead of going to a river or find some water source just to wa…