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Around Belgium in 2 Days (Part II)

Day 2 Brussels and Dinant

After tired of walking almost 12 hours the other day, we decided to take it a little bit slow. Well, it doesn't mean that we're gonna wake up late, it's a big no no when you only have 2 days to travel. We woke up around 8ish, get some breakfast and catch the 9.30 train to Brussels. I'm not gonna tell a lot about Brussels, because I think I've explained enough on my previous post about Brussels. But I saw something that I haven't seen on my previous visit to Brussels, something special. Yup, I saw the King of Belgium and the royal family. The Cathedral in Brussels was very crowded that day, and there are some people bringing Belgium flag, so we asked the people around, and they said that the King is here. To be honest I didn't know which one is the king (Sorry....) but I managed to take some pictures of some people that might be important

Around Belgium in 2 Days

Running out of money? Don't have much time to travel? Well that's what happened when I only got 1 week of summer holiday instead of 3 like I got last year, and limited budget. This summer I went to Belgium, visited 4 gorgeous city of Belgium. I've posted some story about Belgium before, so I don't think I need to explain about Belgium anymore in this post. In summer, Belgium railways have a special "Summer Deals" which able you to pay only for 7.50euro per trip to go to everywhere in Belgium. This time I use the opportunity to go to Gent, Bruges (Brugge), Brussels, and Dinant. I only spent 22.50 for ticket in total (Essen-Bruges, Bruges-Dinant, and Dinant-Essen). How about Gent and Brussels? Well to go to Brugge you will pass Gent, so you can just as well stop there and walk around for a little while.

Day 1 - Gent & Brugge
This time I'm not travelling alone, I have my partner in crime Stephan with me. We took 9am train from Etten-Leur to Gent, and we ge…