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Dreams, Hope, & Reality - LPDP Scholarship (LGD and Interview)

The next step after the administration process is Leaderless Group Discussion and interview. The process usually take 2 days, depends on your luck, some people finish it in 1 day. A day before the said schedule on their timeline, you will receive an email with details about the venue and which group are you in. All participant need to be there at 8 AM, my location was at STAN Student Center, Bintaro. Luckily my aunt lives in Bintaro, so I stayed over at her place which is 10 minutes away from the venue. Without further due, I will tell you about the process

December 2nd
I couldn't sleep the night before, I guess I was nervous. I woke up around 5ish, because we had to be there on 7.30. I left around 6.15, because I didn't want to be late. When I got there, the place is already crowded with hundreds of participant, I found an empty seat next to someone, I didn't really remember his name, we had a short conversation. There are lots of great people there, some of them are younge…

Dreams, Hope & Reality - LPDP Scholarship (The submission)

As I said on my previous post, I will tell you about this scholarship. LPDP is a scholarship given by Indonesia's Government for its citizen to pursue their degree. It can be either Master, PhD, in Indonesia, or abroad. The main goal for this program is to create a future leader that can bring Indonesia to a better place in the future. The detail about the scholarship can be found here, it has complete information about when to submit and what to submit. I will tell you briefly here and how I do it. 
First thing first, you need to make an account here, this scholarship open the whole year round, and I suggest you to complete all the requested document (except LOA) before you submit the application, this is to ensure that you pass the administration selection part. The documents need to be submitted (uploaded) are:

Transcript of recordsCopy of DiplomaID Card (KTP)Study plan: What I do is translating my motivation letter, and add some more. This is basically what your plan is, what yo…

Dreams, Hope and Reality – University Application

Have you ever dreamed of something that you always thought is impossible? That nothing you can do to achieve that? I've always dreamed to continue study, take my master degree in the Netherlands, one of the thing on my bucket list. But the tuition fee is way beyond expensive, and when I thought nothing is possible, a friend of mine told me about this scholarship, LPDP. The scholarship is basically the eternal fund of Ministry of Finance, …. that allocated for education. But before we go to the scholarship details, let me start first with the important things when you want to apply for school:

1.Knowing what you want What I meant here is what do you want to study and where. My approach is to look first about the country where I want to study, and then find the best university that offer the major that you want to take. 2.Timing Knowing when the admission process start (For both scholarship and University), and what needs to be submitted. Why? Because some university requires English Pro…

All of Me..

I'm sorry that this post has nothing to do with traveling, since I haven't got the chance to travel, due to my super hectic work..Anyway, I just want to share how I feel right now..
Have you ever feel that you found the one but it ends up just like the other love stories you have ever in to, and it felt so painful. Every time you try to move on, it makes you even think about him more, like "what he would do if" kinda stuff. Or feeling that your best isn't enough for him. A friend of mine once said "It's useless to do your best if the other person is too blind to appreciate it", maybe it's true, but still, sometimes is just hard to accept..
If only he knew.....

Addicted to Europe (Part 3 - The Hidden Amsterdam)

Amsterdam.. Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is more than just the famous red light district, DamRak, Leidseplein, or other famous museums..

To be honest Amsterdam has never been my favorite city of the Netherlands, because it's always over crowded with tourist, and for some reason people are always in a rush here...

But this time, I got the chance to visit the south part of Amsterdam, where there's still nature beauty and places that would not think that you can find in Amsterdam. This time I'm gonna write about the other part of Amsterdam, the part that could make me smile, and found my peace.

It's called Amstedamse Bos, or "Amsterdam Forrest" in english, it's basically 1,000 hectares forest in Amsterdam & Amstelveen. You can do lots of things here, a little picnic, swimming (I think, I didn't try that one), sailing, and I also saw some rowing competition while I was there. It was a nice escape if you're bored with the …

Addicted to Europe (Part 2 - Reunion)

On the last post I said that I was going to Netherlands for crazy 2 weeks short short break, this trip is not so touristy like my usual trip. On the first week I traveled around NL to visit friends and family, those who are dear to my heart. I arrived on 05.59 in Schiphol, and took the train directly to Amsterdam Zuid, where my friend lives.

I arrived on Sunday, the weather was quite nice, a bit chilly because it was windy. After I dropped my bag, we went to Amsterdam and do the "Rondvaart", I'll tell you about the details on the next post

Monday evening, I went to my mammie cendol house, and after dinner we went to see my Opa.

Tuesday night, I met up with my cousin who coincidentally on vacation in Netherlands. She lives in Naples (I went there on 2012 :D)

Wednesday, I went to see my best friend Dani who used to live in Culemborg (where the witch lives), and then I had dinner with my friend

Addicted to Europe (Part 1 - Schengen Visa)

As some of you have known, I went back early to Indonesia. I didn't finish my second year of AuPair-ing in Belgium. Because apparently I had to work with a wicked witch, and I got a job offer in the company that used to work for.
After a few months, I feel the urge to go back to Europe, even just for vacation (for now), knowing that I just started working a few months ago, my bank account looks really pathetic. But after a few months of thinking and praying, I decided to go to Netherlands for vacation. This post would mostly talk about how to apply Schengen Visa for Indonesian. So, for this one I'm just gonna write it in Bahasa (You can use google translator if you want to know :p)
Jadi setelah yang saya jelaskan diatas, kali ini saya apply visa schengen dengan modal nekat, dan tabungan yang ga seberapa. Mitos-mitos bahwa apply visa schengen itu susah, dipatahkan dengan kunjungan ke embassy yang hanya memakan waktu kurang dari 10 menit ketika submit dokumen dan apply visa (Ga te…

One Day in Budapest

It's all started with my hobby to look for cheap plane tickets, and I found a really cheap deal 70euro return flight from Amsterdam-Budapest and Budapest-Eindhoven. But here's the catch, the flight is early flight (07.20am) on Friday, and our flight back to NL is around 10.00am the next morning. So, with my crazy backpacker mentality we (me and my partner in crime, this time is sisca and michelle) decided to sleep at the airport.
We meet up at Schiphol airport around midnight, too bad the boarding area is already close by then so we have to wait until it opens again at 3am. So we decided to go to the 2nd floor and we found a little corner to sleep.

It took around 2 hours with the plane from Amsterdam to Budapest. We arrived at 9ish. Don't worry if you don't have a map or anything, you can take a map at the airport, and it's handy if you have your atm card, so you can go to the ATM to take your HUF, it's cheaper than going to money exchange office. First stop is t…