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One Day in Budapest

It's all started with my hobby to look for cheap plane tickets, and I found a really cheap deal 70euro return flight from Amsterdam-Budapest and Budapest-Eindhoven. But here's the catch, the flight is early flight (07.20am) on Friday, and our flight back to NL is around 10.00am the next morning. So, with my crazy backpacker mentality we (me and my partner in crime, this time is sisca and michelle) decided to sleep at the airport.
We meet up at Schiphol airport around midnight, too bad the boarding area is already close by then so we have to wait until it opens again at 3am. So we decided to go to the 2nd floor and we found a little corner to sleep.

It took around 2 hours with the plane from Amsterdam to Budapest. We arrived at 9ish. Don't worry if you don't have a map or anything, you can take a map at the airport, and it's handy if you have your atm card, so you can go to the ATM to take your HUF, it's cheaper than going to money exchange office. First stop is t…