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Addicted to Europe (Part 1 - Schengen Visa)

As some of you have known, I went back early to Indonesia. I didn't finish my second year of AuPair-ing in Belgium. Because apparently I had to work with a wicked witch, and I got a job offer in the company that used to work for.
After a few months, I feel the urge to go back to Europe, even just for vacation (for now), knowing that I just started working a few months ago, my bank account looks really pathetic. But after a few months of thinking and praying, I decided to go to Netherlands for vacation. This post would mostly talk about how to apply Schengen Visa for Indonesian. So, for this one I'm just gonna write it in Bahasa (You can use google translator if you want to know :p)
Jadi setelah yang saya jelaskan diatas, kali ini saya apply visa schengen dengan modal nekat, dan tabungan yang ga seberapa. Mitos-mitos bahwa apply visa schengen itu susah, dipatahkan dengan kunjungan ke embassy yang hanya memakan waktu kurang dari 10 menit ketika submit dokumen dan apply visa (Ga te…