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Addicted to Europe (Part 2 - Reunion)

On the last post I said that I was going to Netherlands for crazy 2 weeks short short break, this trip is not so touristy like my usual trip. On the first week I traveled around NL to visit friends and family, those who are dear to my heart. I arrived on 05.59 in Schiphol, and took the train directly to Amsterdam Zuid, where my friend lives.

I arrived on Sunday, the weather was quite nice, a bit chilly because it was windy. After I dropped my bag, we went to Amsterdam and do the "Rondvaart", I'll tell you about the details on the next post

Monday evening, I went to my mammie cendol house, and after dinner we went to see my Opa.

Tuesday night, I met up with my cousin who coincidentally on vacation in Netherlands. She lives in Naples (I went there on 2012 :D)

Wednesday, I went to see my best friend Dani who used to live in Culemborg (where the witch lives), and then I had dinner with my friend