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Addicted to Europe (Part 3 - The Hidden Amsterdam)

Amsterdam.. Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is more than just the famous red light district, DamRak, Leidseplein, or other famous museums..

To be honest Amsterdam has never been my favorite city of the Netherlands, because it's always over crowded with tourist, and for some reason people are always in a rush here...

But this time, I got the chance to visit the south part of Amsterdam, where there's still nature beauty and places that would not think that you can find in Amsterdam. This time I'm gonna write about the other part of Amsterdam, the part that could make me smile, and found my peace.

It's called Amstedamse Bos, or "Amsterdam Forrest" in english, it's basically 1,000 hectares forest in Amsterdam & Amstelveen. You can do lots of things here, a little picnic, swimming (I think, I didn't try that one), sailing, and I also saw some rowing competition while I was there. It was a nice escape if you're bored with the …