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Dreams, Hope, & Reality - LPDP Scholarship (LGD and Interview)

The next step after the administration process is Leaderless Group Discussion and interview. The process usually take 2 days, depends on your luck, some people finish it in 1 day. A day before the said schedule on their timeline, you will receive an email with details about the venue and which group are you in. All participant need to be there at 8 AM, my location was at STAN Student Center, Bintaro. Luckily my aunt lives in Bintaro, so I stayed over at her place which is 10 minutes away from the venue. Without further due, I will tell you about the process

December 2nd
I couldn't sleep the night before, I guess I was nervous. I woke up around 5ish, because we had to be there on 7.30. I left around 6.15, because I didn't want to be late. When I got there, the place is already crowded with hundreds of participant, I found an empty seat next to someone, I didn't really remember his name, we had a short conversation. There are lots of great people there, some of them are younge…

Dreams, Hope & Reality - LPDP Scholarship (The submission)

As I said on my previous post, I will tell you about this scholarship. LPDP is a scholarship given by Indonesia's Government for its citizen to pursue their degree. It can be either Master, PhD, in Indonesia, or abroad. The main goal for this program is to create a future leader that can bring Indonesia to a better place in the future. The detail about the scholarship can be found here, it has complete information about when to submit and what to submit. I will tell you briefly here and how I do it. 
First thing first, you need to make an account here, this scholarship open the whole year round, and I suggest you to complete all the requested document (except LOA) before you submit the application, this is to ensure that you pass the administration selection part. The documents need to be submitted (uploaded) are:

Transcript of recordsCopy of DiplomaID Card (KTP)Study plan: What I do is translating my motivation letter, and add some more. This is basically what your plan is, what yo…

Dreams, Hope and Reality – University Application

Have you ever dreamed of something that you always thought is impossible? That nothing you can do to achieve that? I've always dreamed to continue study, take my master degree in the Netherlands, one of the thing on my bucket list. But the tuition fee is way beyond expensive, and when I thought nothing is possible, a friend of mine told me about this scholarship, LPDP. The scholarship is basically the eternal fund of Ministry of Finance, …. that allocated for education. But before we go to the scholarship details, let me start first with the important things when you want to apply for school:

1.Knowing what you want What I meant here is what do you want to study and where. My approach is to look first about the country where I want to study, and then find the best university that offer the major that you want to take. 2.Timing Knowing when the admission process start (For both scholarship and University), and what needs to be submitted. Why? Because some university requires English Pro…