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Grilled Chicken with Tomato Salsa

Today was my brother's first day of Mayo Diet. I haven't started mine yet, because I had farewell lunch this afternoon. Instead of dieting, I went to sushi tei for lunch and then nanaban tei (all you can eat bbq) for dinner. Yup, a way to start a diet. :p

Today's menu was:
Breakfast: Banana + 1 Soft Boiled Egg Lunch: Grilled Chicken with Tomato Salsa Dinner: Soft Boiled Egg with lots of lettuce and grilled paprika Snack: Fruits
Here's the recipe for my lunch

Ingredients: Chicken Breast1 Big Carrot1 TomatoOnionGarlicPepperItalian Herbs1 tbsp lemon juicePaprika PowderHow to: Rub the chicken with paprika powder, garlic, black pepper and italian herbs. Then grilled it (no oil added) until it's cookedBoil carrot until it's done, and grill paprika until it's a bit brownishCut tomato (seeds removed), and onion into squares, mix it with a bit of garlic, italian herbs, and lemon juiceIt taste pretty good said my brother, but he was a bit starving at night, so he ended up eat…

New Year.. New You

I believe that most of you have a new year's resolution that has never been accomplished.. I know I do, mine is losing weight. I know it's the most famous new year's resolution. I failed to do it last year, due to yeah.. lack of commitment, and laziness.. I have gym membership that I only use twice a week (my plan was to workout everyday: failed!!!).. Eating healthy (this is a total failure due to the super yumminess of gorengan).
The main reason why I need to shed some weight is because I gained almost 13kgs since I'm back in Indonesia, which is a lot for a year *sigh*

That's why my brother and I decided to have a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. After Google-ing, we chose Mayo Diet, one of the diet method that is currently famous. Some people said that you can lose to 4-7kg in 2 weeks, which is really tempting. But, after going through the menu and some people blogs, the menu they made looks bland and torturing, so I came up with my own "Mayo Diet" wh…