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Meatball with Tzatziki Sauce

Menu Breakfast: Banana
Lunch: Meatball with Tzatziki Sauce
Dinner: Hutspot with Grilled Chicken

Recipe Meatball with Tzatziki Sauce

Ingredients (Make 2 portions): 250gr Groundbeef3tbsp yogurtgarlicJapanese cucumberLettucePaprika powderBlackpepperDried rosemaryHow to:
Mix groundbeef, garlic, paprika powder, blackpepper, and dried rosemary together. Grill it on the pan without oilCut cucumber in half, remove the seed, shred, and squeeze it until you drain all the water. Mix cucumber, garlic, blackpepper, and yogurt to make the tzatziki sauce
There you go as easy as a pie (and making pie is hard)