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Dreams, Hope, & Reality - Thank God I made it!!!

It's been a while since the last time I updated this blog, a lot of things has happened ever since. Just a few days ago, I took a DISC assessment as a part of "Finding your ideal career" workshop at my school. One of the assessment that caught my attention is "You tend to be more of a doer than a dreamer" which made me think back over the past few years.

As some of you must have known that I used to be an AuPair in the Netherlands, ever since I return to Indonesia, I cannot move on from Netherlands, I always try to find my way back here. It's not an easy path to take and I refuse to just stuck in the "if" phase. There are thousands of way to do that, but the only "possible" way for me is to go back to school, and get my master degree. Some might think I'm crazy to do that as I'm kinda too old to go back to school, but I need to take matters into my own hand.

In 2014, I started my search for university, scholarship (read my previous…