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I'm writing out of frustration and in the middle of papers deadline. If some of you have read my previous post regarding the University Application, LPDP Scholarship Submission, LPDP LGD & Interview session and how I finally made it, enjoy the student life in the Netherlands, you would have known by now that I'm currently enrolled as MSc Business Administration: Financial Management candidate at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In this post, I would share how I feel after studying here for 5 months.

To be honest, at first, I was quite in shock how fast the study pace in here, we only have a short 9 months of study (yes, I have to submit my final thesis in June). At the VU, instead of dividing the study period into semesters, they are using block. Each block usually consists of 2-3 subjects (you can pick as many as you want) during 5 to 6 weeks. After the learning period ends, you will have a week off to study and then exam the week after.

The study load is quite heavy, most of the classes you will have 2 to 3 case study or paper review as the assignment (worth 20-30% of the credit) or if you don't have an assignment it will all depend on the exam. However, each major has its own rules and requirements, so I solely speak for my major.

Morning Class
In addition, I live off campus (in another city to be exact). So, I have to leave around 6.30 from home every time I have 9 am class since my train subscription only allows me to travel outside rush hour. I usually spend my time in the train by reading the journal for today's class (or play with my phone, which what I mostly do). 

As I have explained before, student life is hard, it's basically non-stop work since you have class on weekdays and you are stuck with homework on weekends. But, luckily I have a great classmate which coincidentally all come from Indonesia, so we usually ended up in the same group. That's all for now, I have another 3 months to finish my final thesis, and a heap of homework to do. Wish me luck 😉



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